Magic The Gathering and Lorcana Cards


A must have for every little person. Manufactured in Germany, these trucks will last a lifetime. Explore the world, or backyard, with your Bruder today!


With the weather cooling off, it’s time to crank up the heat and pick up a Warmie. Scented with lavender, pop this stuffed animal in the microwave and clutch it tight. Calming, soothing, relaxing, it’s plush with a purpose.


Still the most popular trading cards, Pokemon reigns supreme. Stay updated with the newest sets throughout the year. From single packs to Elite Trainer Boxes, grow your Pokemon collection. Join us for our monthly Pokemon Trading Day. Ask about personalized card binders.

Freeze Dried Candy

Get it while you can! Try your favorite candies in a way you’ve never experienced. These treats are void of water and come alive as you eat them.


With 200+ characters full of songs and stories, this magical music box never fails to deliver. Ideal for both daytime and bedtime; plug in some headphones and you have the perfect story time friend for travel.

Fashion Accessories

The perfect gift before or after holiday, birthday, or vacation trips. Look stylish wherever you go. Ask about personalization.


With 1500+ jars sold, slime is still one of the trendiest things out there. Dope slime is all over Tik-Tok and we remain the exclusive NC retailer of Scented by Amy Slime.